Welcome to Yarn Movement! I am Shantelle LadyBug Brumfield. I am the pilot of Yarn Movement, a lifestyle company created for Creative Entrepreneurs + Storytellers + Yarn Lovers. We are here to share the power of creativity to empower the world.

Yarn Movement will navigate the world and discover a unique community of unapologetic yarn lovers. Through the use of signature design and collaborative works, we will inspire consumers to embrace the creative process, tradition, and value our craftsmanship. YARN Movement is here to share the stories of generations, while cultivating life, culture and healing into every design.

Yarn Movement community meets regularly to learn, grow, and heal together. Our community of unapologetic yarn lovers provide the perfect environment for individuals to start businesses, win friends and collaborate to impact life.  We have the power to heal, let’s share creativity to empower the world.

Yarn Movement offers opportunity for partnership, growth, collaboration and practical entrepreneurial knowledge.