Yarn Movement was founded with an ambitious spirit and unwavering objective:   

To offer consumers high quality handcrafted goods at a competitive price, while leading the way for socially conscious consumption. 



My name is Shantelle “S.LadyBug” Brumfield, aka Pilot S. LadyBug, the founder & creative director of Yarn Movement. As a little girl, I spent a lot of  time with my grandmother and her friends. As they stitched and told stories, I was taught the importance of placing value into every stage of the creative process. The material selection is just as important as the design, functionality and so much more. When making the decision to start this business, I set my focus on resolving the most common problem. It was simple: inspire consumers to value craftsmanship within their consumption. 

During my freshman year at Howard University I officially launched my business. It started with me making beanies and scarves to match sneaker colorways and outerwear. Yes, fall and winter can be brutal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look FLY at the same time. (Having a tennis ball yellow beanie to match your Nike Air Max 95s was the trend. . .I started back then.) It became a very popular solution to add a pop of color to make you stand out. In addition, I offered the option to customize orders and was amazed to find out how much this was needed. How could this solution be used to improve the overall shopping experience for consumers? 


Ultimately, I made the decision to expand the product offerings (include tops, bottoms, swimwear, accessories, etc) and identify a community of handcrafters to increase performance. Reminiscence of lessons learned, while spending time with my grandmother, I understand the importance of cultivating a community. 20 years later, Yarn Movement is a global fashion and lifestyle that inspires consumers to value craftsmanship; as we continue to build up a creative community that promotes sustainable fashion, entrepreneurship and the empowerment of women. 

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